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18 James Street Artwork Exhibition

Since April 2019, 18 James Street has held an exhibition on The Charles W. Stockey Centre’s atrium walls.  18 James Street is the home studio, gallery, and dress shop of local artist and fashion designer Jessica Vergeer. Located in historic downtown Parry Sound.

Featured artists for the current exhibition are Jessica Vergeer, Gordon Bowbrick, Rola Fraser, Sue Matthews, Richard Heynes, Terry Desmasdon, Shirley Ross, and Mike Brenn.

Visit 18 James Street’s website at 18jamesstreet.ca for more information on their artwork and painting classes.



The wiigwaas-jiimaan (birch bark canoe) is deeply rooted within Anishinaabek cultural identity and tradition, connecting people to the water, the land, and each other. Building a jiimaan is one of the most complex forms of Anishinaabek craft and technology.

Jiimaanke (canoe build) has never been an individual task. It has always been a collective effort, bringing together families and community members of all ages with diverse skill sets. Over the past 150+ years, loss of access to traditional land base and resources, pressures and policies of assimilation, and other powerful forces interrupted the practice of building jiimaanan (canoes) within communities across Anishinaabe Territory.

Oshkinigig is the name of the Wiigwaas Jiimaan created during the 2019 Birch Bark Canoe Build with The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, translating to “The new ones”. Currently, Oshkinigig is housed for the winter at the Charles W. Stockey Centre. Inquiries regarding speaking/presenting about Oshkinigig, can be sent directly to Project Coordinator, Kyla Judge, via email at culture@gbbr.ca.

Full details on this project are available at The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve’s website.