The Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame offer several opportunities for direct advertising to our audience members and visitors.

  • Restroom Advertising

    We make poster-sized (11”x17”) ad space available in our public washrooms, over the sinks and in the stalls. These are highly visible areas, and offer a somewhat captive audience for your promotional message.

    $100/month for the prime mirror placement in both washrooms

    $75/month for one half the stalls in the washrooms

    $120/month for all the stalls in the washrooms

    $200/month for all the stalls and the mirror site in the washrooms

    Please contact Kelsey Norris for more information about this program.
    (877) 746‐4466 ex 201

  • Ticket Back Advertiser

    Ad and/or coupon on back of Stockey Centre and Hall of Fame tickets, appearing on every 8th ticket printed.

    8,000 tickets $800

    Please contact Kelsey Norris for more information about this program.
    Kelsey Norris
    (877) 746‐4466 ex 201

  • Visitor Information Centre

    We are very pleased to share the news that the Town of Parry Sound will be continuing to provide Visitor Information Services at our Stockey Centre & Bobby Orr Hall of Fame location on Bay Street.

    Effective May 21st, the Stockey Centre will offer FREE membership for all local West Parry Sound Area Businesses for display of business related brochures, pamphlets, booklets, magazines, and flyers.

    The Stockey Centre staff will welcome visitors to the lobby area where information will be available for participating local businesses.  Our goal will be to increase our staff knowledge on what our area has to offer and provide a comfortable spot for visitors to drop in to pick up brochures, use facilities, and get a bit of information.

    Materials can be dropped off or mailed to:

    Charles W. Stockey Centre
    2 Bay Street
    Parry Sound, Ontario
    P2A 1S3

    We are excited to be able to provide these services that will help to link visitors to our businesses.  It is important to also clarify what we are not able to provide and is not part of our services:

    • Destination marketing services.  We will not be providing DMO services and will not be actually promoting any specific business or booking any services on behalf of local business
    • Telephone information.  We will be operating as a visitor information location, complete with directional signage that will bring visitors off the highway and through town right to the waterfront.  We support the position that customers calling for information, should be contacting the businesses directly. Our phone number will not be published for Visitor Information.
    • Website Services. The Town of Parry Sound website currently offers a ‘Visit Us’ section. The Stockey Centre and Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Websites will continue to focus on their own lines of business.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bobby Orr Hall of Fame

    Please contact Bobby Orr Hall of Fame curator Caitlin Dyer for details on advertising opportunities with the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.

    Caitlin Dyer
    Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Curator
    (877) 746-4466 ext. 208