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March 2018
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The Fitzgeralds

8:00 PM

If you want to see a performance that is joyous, energetic and utterly engaging, look no further than the Canadian Ottawa-Valley stepdancing and fiddling siblings The Fitzgeralds.  Featuring 3-time Canadian Fiddle and Stepdance Champions from Bancroft, Ontario, Canada (Tom, Julie and Kerry Fitzgerald), the group have come a long way from their small town musical roots of Ottawa-Valley style fiddle and stepdance.  They fuse their traditional Canadian fiddle styles with jazz, bluegrass and pop, while “step” sisters Julie and Kerry display in intricacy of footwork that is simply magical.  Most recently they have had a video go viral on Facebook, reaching millions of viewers in a few months (via Ireland’s leading newspaper!  It is the rare combination of exceptional musicianship, incomparable stepdancing, audience interaction, evident love of performing, and genuine sibling connection that resonates with audiences of all ages. 

This event goes on sale to members only on January 15 at 10am and to the general public on January 22 at 10am.

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